Ventilator – Fixed & Exhaust



What is a washroom exhaust fan? How can it respond?

A washroom exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation gadget that, when ducted to the outside of the house, draws out flat, tainted, and extremely sticky air consequently working on the nature of indoor air.

For what reason do I require one?

An appropriately introduced washroom exhaust fan will free the restroom quality of abundance dampness, mugginess, scents, and different poisons. It likewise assists with eliminating water fume that has collected on mirrors and dividers. Inhabitants will be considerably more alright with legitimate ventilation. Notwithstanding further developed indoor air quality, weakening of the house is limited saving the property holder expensive fixes.

What do I search for while choosing a shower fan?

The appropriate washroom exhaust fan ought to be chosen based on execution, style, and components.

Bathroom Size Minimum Ventilation (CFM) Required*
Less than 50 sq. feet 50 CFM
50-100 sq. feet 1 CFM per sqare foot of floor space
More than 100 sq. feet Add the CFM requirement for each fixture:
Toilet 50 CFM
Shower 50 CFM
Bathtub 50 CFM
Jetted tub 100 CFM