Fixed Louver Ventilator



Exhaust fans in ventilators can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Improved indoor air quality: Exhaust fans can help to remove pollutants, moisture, and odors from the air, which can improve overall air quality and reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory issues.
  2. Reduced humidity: Exhaust fans can help to remove excess moisture from bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-moisture areas, which can prevent mold and mildew growth.
  3. Increased energy efficiency: Proper ventilation can help to reduce the need for heating and cooling, which can lower energy costs and improve overall energy efficiency.
  4. Reduced risk of fire: Exhaust fans can help to remove flammable gases, such as cooking fumes and natural gas, which can reduce the risk of fire.
  5. Enhanced comfort: Exhaust fans can help to improve the overall comfort of a room by removing hot, stale air and replacing it with fresh air.
  6. Reduced condensation: In cold climates, exhaust fans can help to remove the moisture that condenses on windows and walls, which can prevent damage to the building.
  7. Improved sound insulation : Exhaust fans can help to reduce noise from outside the building or from other rooms inside the building.
  8. Reduced maintenance: Exhaust fans can help to prevent damage to the building caused by mold and mildew, which can reduce maintenance costs.

Bathroom Size Minimum Ventilation (CFM) Required*
Less than 50 sq. feet 50 CFM
50-100 sq. feet 1 CFM per sqare foot of floor space
More than 100 sq. feet Add the CFM requirement for each fixture:
Toilet 50 CFM
Shower 50 CFM
Bathtub 50 CFM
Jetted tub 100 CFM