Laminated glass is formed by pasting PVB (polyvinyl butyral) resin glue film between two or more pieces of glass sheet, then heating, pressing and bonding them together to make flat or curved compound glass product. The glass sheet for making safety glass are often used from ordinary glass, float glass, tempered glass, colored glass, heat-absorbing glass or heat-reflecting glass etc. The pvb layer quantitymay be 2, 3, 5, 7, up to 9. For double-layer safety glass , the common thickness of glass sheet is (mm) 2 + 3, 3 + 3 and three + 5 etc. safety glass has good transparency, and its impact resistance is several times above that of ordinary plate glass. Bullet-proof glass is formed by compounding multiple layers of ordinary glass or tempered glass.

Due to the adhesion of PVB glue film, even when the glass breaks, its fragments keep binding on the skinny film and can not hurt people, and therefore the surface of the fragmented glass remains clean and smooth, which effectively prevents fragments from penetrating or falling, thus ensures human safety. safety glass made from different plate glass has different features like durability, heat resistance and moisture resistance etc.

In Europe and America, safety glass is applied to most buildings to avoid dangerous accidents due to its strong anti-shocking and anti-break-in abilities. The glue film within the middle is in a position to resist the consecutive striking by lethal weapons like hammers and wood-cutting blades, and to resist the penetration of bullets for a particular period of your time , so it’s of high security level.

Sound-insulation effect is one among the important factors to guage the standard of recent residential buildings. Glass with PVB interlayer films is in a position to dam acoustic wave and retain calm and cozy office ambient. Its special UV filtering function not only protects human skin, but also prevents important and precious furniture and exhibiting artworks from fading. It also reduces the transmission of sunshine and saves refrigerating energy.

Due to numerous advantages, safety glass creates unimaginable unique effects in household decoration. as an example , now frosted glass is applied to home doors, including kitchen doors, and oily smoke is straightforward to stay to the surface; however, if safety glass is taken rather than frosted glass, such trouble will disappear. Moreover, large surface partitions reception are always a hidden trouble to the security of active kids; if safety glass is applied, parents will feel released about the security of the younger one  .