How can I make sound reduction of my existing windows at home

Today we are going to try and seal these sliding windows of your Home ,A slight gap comes up between the 2 glass shutters , We will achieve sound reduction of the windows by seal between the sliding windows shutters by attaching a scientific tape , It’s stiff, and hangs loose like a fish fins. It brushes against the…inner shutter & frame. This sticky part is attached to the edge of the window shutter. Now you have to figure out on which edge of the shutter to place it . Always at the middle part of the shutter it is add with the adhesive seal , and the fin remain free towards glass .There’s middle part of the shutter ,which is the anchor each other in every set of sliding windows and the other shutter are going to slide against that. So each of the sliding shutter has a leading edge and a trailing edge when you go to close the window. So when you’re closing the window the trailing edge is where you’re going to put the tape. Similarly for any other frames which are there in the set, the tape is placed on the trailing edge You have to make sure the part with the glue comes on to the edge of the frame so that…as much as possible of this overlapping edge is there to prevent the insects from coming in. There should be no air gaps…and there you have it. Perfect! So that’s it! Now you’ve got a nice seal .

Silicone Adessive Seal


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The Benefits of the adhesive and sound reduction seal on closed conditions are.

1. Reduce the irritable noise.

2. Dust proof.

3. Insect proof.

4. Air Proof.

5. No Rattle sound.

6. Passive Self Cleaning .

7. Water Restriction.

All the process is the part of do it yourself . we wait for your question as well suggestion .

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